Little Human


I want to be a good doctor to my patient, a solehah daughter to my parents, and the most important is I want to be a loyal kaliph to Allah s.w.t
Stay calm, stay cool.
Allah will always be with you. ^.^

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Sunday, February 8 12:47 AM 1 Atashinci(s)

Early midnight of 080215.


I hope I can be better
So that I can change whatever people think about me.
So that Allah will be happy with me, for trying to be a better me.

I hope I can be strong.
So that I can help those who are weak.
So that I can bear with all the challenges that makes me freak.

I hope I can be happy.
So that people around me will be happy as well.
So that they didn't feel my presence makes their life feels like hell.

I hope that I can smile.
So that people will appreciate when the day I cry.
So that people will missed me when the day I die.

I hope that Allah will granted us with bless.
So that we all can do our best.
To strive, and fight for the after life where we can rest.