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I want to be a good doctor to my patient, a solehah daughter to my parents, and the most important is I want to be a loyal kaliph to Allah s.w.t
Stay calm, stay cool.
Allah will always be with you. ^.^

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A Journey to Remember #1

Friday, April 24 5:13 PM 1 Atashinci(s)

1705 || 24 April 2015 ~Its windy outside :)

Guess what is the best part in life? Answer: Student Life!

The part of life where you met your friends. The part of life where you know your enemies. The part of life where you can decide whether what is good and bad, for you own self. The part of life you are supposed to learn a lot. 

The one that be with me through this toughest posting so far :) 

Some of the groupmates that go through this journey together

Those peoples that tries to cheer me up on my 22nd birthday which was actually the saddest birthday ever in my life. Don't ask me why 

Those peoples that are forced to play Frisbee. My favourite sports beside Hockey.

The 'Poppers' timeee.

And finally this tiny little creature AidaNasuhaZaini, that must be strong on whatever challenges that might come after this in life.