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I want to be a good doctor to my patient, a solehah daughter to my parents, and the most important is I want to be a loyal kaliph to Allah s.w.t
Stay calm, stay cool.
Allah will always be with you. ^.^

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Saturday, April 25 2:27 AM 1 Atashinci(s)

0212 || 25 April 2015 

Few more hours till departure to my hometown. 

And Aida is alert, conscious and full of sense that she can't ever repeating the same mistakes again. The vital signs are all good. Except the normal reactions of travelling which is nausea and dizziness (which I don't know whyyy it comes everytime I want to go anywhere). 

And heyy~ Dah start cuti beb! The feeling that can't ever be explain by anyone except the one who feel it (how complicated it was). Although I know that I will just stay at home, hibernating and obviously tak buat apa-apa melainkan menternak LDL dan menolong untuk menghabiskan makanan di rumah. x.x

But the best moment is just being at home. That's it.

# And "The Last Minute" kind of person like me will only starts packing at this hour. So, yea. Safe Journey and selamat balik rumah kepada diri sendiri.