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I want to be a good doctor to my patient, a solehah daughter to my parents, and the most important is I want to be a loyal kaliph to Allah s.w.t
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Allah will always be with you. ^.^

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The Path

Thursday, August 3 2:39 PM 0 Atashinci(s)

Assalamualaikum :)

Since my medical school already ended back in July 2017, so I decided to write briefly on how the journey in my medical school. First of all, sorry that this post might be in 'Rojak' (Malay & English). Hence, no grammar nazi or cikgu tatabahasa and so on. Suka hati la nak tulis apa kan. Haha

October 2011
First step in Medical School. First time naik flight and it was really a long journey. First time sewa rumah. First time I learn on how to cook! Yes, really. Dulu reti masak maggi dan goreng telur jee :(
So hard to contact your family (no Whatsapp at that time I guess - cuma Skype once/twice per week and call guna VOIP (something that you need to pay in Euro)
Tapi apa yang penting is that - jauh dari family ajar kita untuk jadi lebih independent and kena belajar untuk jadi kuat walaupun dengan cara terpaksa hehe
Being in Kasr El Ainy Medical School, Cairo University was among the nicest memory that I ever had.

Tapi, jodoh dengan Cairo tak lama. 2 tahun je kat sana. Then, I decided to go back for good. Situation not quite good at that time, sponsorship gave chance for those who wants to go back and continue to study in Malaysia. Yea, I took that chance!

October 2013
Transferred to CUCMS! Kenapa CUCMS? Seriously, I don't know. Ikut kawan je actually sebab dalam kepala memang blank. Anyways, Alhamdulillah sebab aku rasa memang itu pilihan yang terbaik.
You know, Allah will always give the best to his servant and He knows what is the best for you.

 Here, life starts new! New friends, new environment (although a lot of Arabs here in Cyberjaya), new hope and new JPA scholars (which is less in amount of course! haha)
New learning environment changed me a lot. It was like I was given a second chance to redeem all the weaknesses and failures that I had done back when I spend my 2 years in Egypt.
Masa tu dah jadi over-rajin, tapi lama-lama final year pemalas jugak. Hampeh -.-

That time, my only circle of friend is only my beloved transferred friend from Egypt. No more than that.
Sebab....all the original students looks scary! And I got a lot of my inferiority complex at that time.
And lastly, what I feared the most that time was the First Professional Exams that we need to take at the end of Year 2, to make us eligible to enter Clinical Years. Sebab takut sangat, stupidest thing yang aku buat is that, jumpa Dr Hamidah - ask her whether I can enter the year 1 programme and starts new.

In the end, I just forget my stupid intention. Remember what my mom had told me that time - "Everyone, all your friends got the same fear as you. Work hard and work with them."
Yea, from there, I learned that this is the path that I take. I can pass this one surely. Allah knows.

Will continue the story to April 2014 - The Path #2

Till then, bye!
Little human