I want to be a good doctor to my patient, a solehah daughter to my parents, and the most important is I want to be a loyal kaliph to Allah s.w.t
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Allah will always be with you. ^.^

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birthday celebration fi masr!!

Friday, March 23 4:12 PM 4 Atashinci(s)

post nie adalah berkenaan aida punye birthday celebration..
dan, nie laa first time aida sambut birthday berjauhan dari family..
adat perantau laa katakan..
first expectations aida, sambut birthday jauh dari family adalah sangat tak best..
okay, semua salah...
walaupun agak sedih, sebab family takde kat sini..tapi, kawan2 dah cheers me up again...
untuk tahun nie, aida dapat 5 kek!!
tak pernah dapat kek sebanyak ni...
syukran all my ukhtie!!!
 yang kat bawah nie semua gambar2 jer....

ahli beit yang you all!!

elephant in steak house!! haha
sunflower from : nabilah
dinner at planet africa (very nice place)
first cake : made by piqa

second cake : syamila, fathiah, rasyidah
third cake : epa and ahli beitnya
my twins : maslina ^.^

p/s : forth and fifth cake xsmpat tgkap gambar... ^.^
thanks to all!! love you very much!!