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things that I adore ^.^ simply cutie

Thursday, April 5 1:48 AM 7 Atashinci(s)

Good night all!! Okay, as usual.. Today is the last day of lectures for this week. But, still to-morrow we got an extra class. I just make this post only to share about something that I adore very much. The simplest, cutest, kawaii things. Still wondering why I love to buy something like that but, I still don't know what its uses for me. Here, I just wanna share the things that I've got now. One is given by my seniors *thanks to kak zatil* and the other one is I buy it myself laa~ 

The first one that is a gift from Ireland. My seniors went to Ireland during last Winter Break, and I.....feel like I wanna go there too!!! Its a phonecharm with cute sheep on it. I really love it! Simple and cute. Perfect! Perfection is what I love yoo.. So, this is the picture. *Not edited picture okay, just put my signature on it*

Title : Phonecharm
Captured : by me, using my beloved Sony Hazel

Next is..paper clip... I found it today. I buy it actually. 

Title : Paper Clip

okay, pedulikan gambar itu :D

Okay, done! See you on next update. Bye Bye.
Assalamualaikum! ^.^